21 July 2005

David Goyer Tidbits

Hey guys, it's Donnie...David S. Goyer, the man whose pen is responsible for all three Blade movies as well as the magnificent Batman Begins, recently did an interview with Sci-Fi Wire magazine in which he spilled the beans on the long rumored Blade TV show:

"I'm co-writing the pilot with [Geoff] Johns, and it's going to be Spike's first dramatic show, and it's going to air next June. It'll be Blade, but it's different than the movies."

Spike has ordered 13 episodes, however there is still no word on who will take over the title role. The popular choice to replace Wesley Snipes is Michael Jai White, who's not only a pretty good actor but a goddamn whirlwind of martial arts skills. It'd be nice to have a TV show that's full of fight scenes that actually look like people beating the crap out of each other.

However, MORE IMPORTANTLY, Goyer also let slip that he recently had a meeting with the powers that be at Warners to discuss a sequel for Batman Begins, a meeting which, in my opinion, probably should have been held weeks ago. Needless stalling is the reason Bryan Singer left Fox and X3 to go to Warners and do Superman Returns, so one would hope that Warners would learn from the past and make sure that they don't lose the creative team behind Batman. Goyer has a whole Bat-Trilogy mapped out in his head, so if Warners is smart, they'll let him run with it. Unfortunately, he's also got more than a few other projects cooking right now, including a new TV show for the fall called Threshold as well as The Flash movie, so he may have to regulate himself to writing the story and handing the actual screenplay off to someone else, which will probably work just fine.

Either way, exciting things on the horizon for Goyer, who's done a pretty good job at making up for the atrocity that is Blade Trinity...


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