14 July 2005

New Line Ex Machina

Hey guys, it's Donnie...New Line Cinema has just picked up the rights to Ex Machina, another comic book that I am sadly unfamiliar with, although it sounds pretty damn cool. The story focuses on Mitchell Hundred, a jet pack clad superhero who retires from a life of fighting crime to become Mayor of New York. The story starts right after his inauguration and details his origins as a superhero as well as his last mission and the dark secrets inherent in both incidents, secrets which his political opponents are attempting to ferret out and use to their advantage.

Superhero tale mixed with political intrigue thriller? Sign me up man. New Line has brought on the comic's creator, Brian Vaughn to pen one version of the script and Glen Brunswick, another comic author to write another version. It's unclear if the hiring of two writers is an attempt at collaboration or a contest to see who's gonna write the movie, but either way it seems like a smart move to me, getting a draft from the creator as well as some fresh yet experienced blood. We'll wait and see where it goes from here.


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