13 July 2005

Domino Won't Sit Still

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Time for another edition of Good News and Good News Disguised As Bad News.

Good News: We will definitely be getting a new trailer for Richard Kelly and Tony Scott's latest masterpiece Domino, starring that sexy tomboy beanpole Keira Knightly. (Note: the picture above is of the real Domino Harvey. Talking about great casting huh?) It'll be shown at ComicCon this weekend, so it should find its way online shortly after that.

Good News Disguised As Bad News: The release date has been changed again, this time being pushed back from August to October 14. While it's a little sad that we're gonna have to wait an extra two months before we get to see this sure-to-kick-your-pasty-ass-into-submission flick, I have absolutely no problem waiting so that Tony Scott can tinker with the film a bit more and it can get a nice big release. I'd rather build up the anticipation and let the film build up some steam to find its audience than get it sooner and have it be essentially brushed under the carpet and languish in limited release.

So spread the word. Domino Harvey is comin to getcha this October. Start stockpiling your ammo now.


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