20 June 2005

Your Flowers Are Broken There Bill Murray!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Anyone who saw Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes will probably tell you two things: the film varied greatly from scene to scene, and Bill Murray's scene with GZA and RAG was one of the best ones. Personally, I also found myself overcome with the desire to sit in a cafe with mass quantities of caffeine and nicotine and design my own Tessla Coil.

Anyway, Jarmusch is back, and he's brought Bill Murray along for the ride. His newest flick is Broken Flowers and aside from featuring a narrative storyline it also features a more than impressive cast including Jeffery Wright, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Julie Delpy, Christopher McDonald and Mark Weber, one of my favorite up and coming young actors today. The story concerns an elder playboy of sorts who finds out that he has a son somewhere and sets out to find him.

Click it here to look for that pesky pink typewriter...

This film looks to be the latest chapter in the Bill Murray Renaissance and personally I couldn't be happier. I'm glad that Murray has found a few directors like Jarmusch and Wes Anderson that he's happy working with and we the public audience are assuredly reaping the benefits.

By the by, I just bought the extended cut of Stripes on DVD and it is fantastic. Most of the 18 minutes of new footage are contained in a 12 minute tangent scene in the midst of their training in which Ramis accidentally does acid (foreshadowing his turn in Orange County I suppose) and the two end up parachuting into South America and have to escape from some revolutionaries and a 4 minute extended sex scene with the girls in Germany where we get to see Sean Young in a bubble bath and a very topless PJ Soles, who I've spoken to on the phone and is a very nice woman. Check her out in Rob Zombie's latest opus The Devil's Rejects.


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