16 June 2005

Toy Story 3 and More Disney Ani-Fun

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Well it looks as if Disney is really getting serious in the wake of their split with Pixar. They've recently begun a big old recruiting campaign to snatch up experts in the field of computer animation, as they have officially abandoned the field of traditional cel animation. In order to entice the young studs of animation, they started showing some test footage and whatnot from their upcoming slate of anumation projects, and I have to say that some of these projects sounds really quite interesting. After the upcoming Chicken Little, which actually looks to be fairly decent, they seem to have abandoned the old scheme of fairy tales and mythology infused with songs and sidekicks in favor of original stories and interesting (sounding) characters. Here's a taste of what the folks at Disney have got up on the slab...

Toy Story 3: I'm very interested to see how they try to handle creating these characters and this world without Pixar. The plot aparantly centers around Buzz being sent off to Taiwan as part of a recall and Andy's other toys band together under Woody's leadership to get the spaceman back.

A Day With Wilbur Robinson: Based on a book by William Joyce, it's a time travel adventure story about a 12 year old orphan who joins forces with a 13 year old boy from the future against a bowler wearing, mustache twirling villain in Metropolis-esque environments. Sounds like it could be some great pulp sci-fi fun.

American Dog: A TV star dog drinks and schmoozes and lives the good life until his trailer is accidentally abandoned in the Nevada desert. He must then team up with a one-eyed cat and a radioactive rabbit. A RADIOACTIVE RABBITT!! Come on, that's animation gold right there.


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