20 June 2005

Steve McQueen (Kinda) Lives!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I think we can all pretty much agree that Steve McQueen is basically the epitome of cool. I'm serious, you watch just about any of his movies and he literally exudes coolness. Seriously, he had a PA whose job it was to follow him around mopping up all the coolness he was exuding all over the set. Jesus, even his mugshot is cool. "Yeah, I'm going to jail...and it's gonna be fun as shit!"

Well, McQueen may no longer be with us, but his progeny has been digging around dad's old trunks in the attic (no sarcasm, they literally went up to the attic and looked in dad's old things) and discovered 16 leather-bound books with 1,700 pages of script notes and storyboards for projects that Stevie never got to complete before his passing. Well, his son Chad has taken up the charge and struck up a deal with the folks at Warners to make his Dad's dream for a heist movie called Yucatan come true. The story will follow a crew of thieves looking for buried treasure in the Yucatan peninsula.

The script is being written by Paul Scheuring, the creator of the upcoming Fox series PrisonBreak, which has had a bit of positive buzz going for it. Meanwhile, The Steve McQueen Collection recently made its way into DVDLand, so feel free to check that out and bask in McQueen oozing coolness.


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