20 June 2005

The X-odus Continues...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...And the hits just keep on coming. Head over to alancumming.com and the top item reads: "Alan will NOT be appearing in X3. Fox has not picked up his option to play Nightcrawler for a second movie." (The bold and caps were not added by me. That's direct from his site.)

So what does that mean for those still anticipating X3? Well, those who have seen recent drafts of the script say that Nightcrawler is still in the story, but in a greatly downplayed role from X2. There has still been no official word from Fox one way or the other, but if the actor's camp is using such strong language then it probably means that either A) Cumming is out and Fox is slow on draw or B) Cumming wants a better deal and he's trying to put pressure on Fox. Unfortunately, I don't think he was ever really all that psyched about playing Nightcrawler, especially the make-up ordeal, so my guess is that he's probably out.

So, would we rather see Nightcrawler cut out of X3 entirely, or see Fox recast the role this time out? Personally, if he wasn't a major player to start with, I say they just cut their losses, although the loss of Nightcrawler is clearly tragic, as he was one of the best parts of X2.

Personally, I wanna see more Colossus...


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