20 June 2005

Uh-Oh Underdog...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Remember that Super Bowl ad for the Visa card with all the superheroes? The best part of that ad was easily when Underdog showed up at the end. And you know what? I loved that even though all the superheroes in the first part were live people, Underdog was still a cartoon, and you know why?

Because Underdog KICKED ASS that's why. He was great. Mild-mannered Shoeshine boy by day, Underdog fought against the evil Simon Barsinister and for the affection of Polly Purebreed. Plus, whenever he was Underdog, he could only speak in rhyming couplets. This is great stuff, and in the midst of the superhero film revival, an animated Underdog movie should be an easy homerun.

So of course Disney is going to screw the pooch. Literally.

Still laboring under the delusion that talking animal movies are a good idea, Underdog will be coming to theaters as a live action film starring a real dog with "CGI enhancements." [Insert phallic joke here.] They story will center around a 12 year old boy who adopts shoeshine dog only to discover that a lab accident has given him superpowers and the two must protect the secret identity of Underdog.

I think I smells me another Garfield on the horizon....


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