28 June 2005

V For Vendetta Poster-ness

Hey Guys, it's Donnie...The works of Alan Moore have been criminally mismanaged by The Powers That Be in Hollywood. From Hell was alright in some places and laughably awful in others. League of Extrodinary Gentlemen should have been an easy hit but, well, the best thing about that movie was clearly the Nautilus. Hellboy I actually enjoyed quite a bit, although it was far from perfect. I'm hoping that the sequel will really be something special, ala X-Men. And Watchmen continues to languish in development hell...

However, on the immediate horizon we have V For Vendetta, an story of a masked, anarchy-seeking terrorist/revolutionary struggling against a fictional, totalitarian Britain. The movie stars Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) and a very bald Natalie Portman. (Sidenote, Natalie Portman is the only girl I've ever seen who can shave her head and still be mindblowingly cute.) The director, James McTeigue, is making his directorial debut after running the second unit for The Matrix trilogy, Star Wars Ep. II and III and one of my personal favorites, Dark City. I'm really hoping he can succeed where others have failed. (Note: The Wachowski brothers are producing and worked on the screenplay, and rumor has it that they've also done a little second unit work as well, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.)

Anyway, the poster arrived today, and it's pretty damn fantastic. It's got one of my favorite taglines in recent memory, and if that's not appropriate to the times, I don't know what is...

It hits theaters this November, so keep it on your radar. This one is gonna be worth checking out...


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