12 March 2006

Perfect Attendance with Max Fisher - 3/12

Hey guys, it's Max...

Oh how much I've missed since I've been away. Where shall we start?

  • The Matt M. Sarah Jessica P. vehicle Failure To Launch wins number one spot at the box office this weekend...which answers the question of which is the worst movie to ever to capture the number one spot for a weekend.
  • Coming in second? Tim Allen in the new remake of The Shaggy Dog. Come on folks, take a look at that picture....Glad to see Tim is back on track, I haven't seen that much white around his nose in quite some time.
  • New X-Men III trailer comes out....studios sigh relief when realizing the film looks good, meaning you don't need a good director to make a great movie.
  • While researching last joke, I came across an even better one...go to IMDB.com and type in the search bar "xmen 3"... take a good look at the second movie on the list. If you don't see the immediate hilarity, you didn't get the movie I got.
  • Newly Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon telling the world she has always been a serious actor, even in not so serious roles, as she prepares to ride a bicycle around London to research her upcoming part as a pizza deliverer in "Penelope" co-starring the beauty Christina Ricci. In reaction to this news, Ron Jeremy looks to follow her lead by banging a girl and a horse at the same time in his new feature, I Have a Huge Penis and Get Paid To Stick It In Anything This Studio Wants Me To.
  • And finally this week, Madonna has come out to publicly announce she will no longer continue to act in films. Unless of course, that film has her being tied up and sodomized by Willem Dafoe.
C'est La vie.


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