26 February 2006

Perfect Attendance with Max Fisher

Hey guys, it's Max.....

Yeah, that's right. Introducing me: The first ever featured writer in the Movie Booth. Now Donnie gets someone to fellate him while screening these crazy things we call movies. But only if he buys the popcorn...

What I have in store for you is a weekly jabbering of crazy movie related things and what I think about them. Call me the David Spade of The Movie Booth. I would, but he doesn't get as much play as I do...at least, fuck, I hope. So let's start.

So that's the kind of stuff you have to look forward to. Hopefully it gets funnier and not mentioned before on this site (this info may or may not be posted already) but for now I have to go pack for my trip to Aruba, where I can do my own investigation into the Natalie Halloway murder. Me and my trusty metal detector, we will do the job...................what are you, a lawyer?

*The views in Max Fisher's Perfect Attendance are inspired by a comedic mind. Max's views do not express the views of the Movie Booth, DonnieDarker, or anyone who loves Spider Man.


Blogger Billy Dagwood said...

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10:19 PM  
Blogger Billy Dagwood said...

"the first ever featured writer in the Move Booth"


"I'm number one. Me. Technically."

Please excuse the strange homo-erotic implications of using that particular reference.

10:21 PM  

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