31 January 2006

UPDATED!!! Spidey 3 Update

UPDATE!! Alright, so after those pics surfaced yesterday, rumor has it that Theresa Russell's character, Flint Marko's wife, is actually going to be Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. The Black Cat. If true, that means we'll be seeing Sandman, Venom, Black Cat, AND Hobgoblin, along with Gwen Stacey? Jesus that's alot of new characters. I have a whole lot of faith in Sam Raimi, but this is starting to sound a whole lot like X3, a comparison I really don't like making....

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Yeah, that's right, the first round of pics from the Spider-Man 3 set. As to be expected, they're grainy, poorly framed, from way too far away, and completely out of context, but it is...something. I'm assuming that Mary Jane Watson's acting career has taken off a bit since we last saw her, because if this isn't MJ filming a movie or performing in a play or something of the like, then I'd say that Raimi has lost his marbles and is giving us Spider-Man 3: The Musical. (By the way, I recently heard some of the music from the old Superman musical from the 1950s (I believe) and it's hilarious. Nothing tops Clark Kent singing "I'll Never Stop Doing Good" as he changes from Supes to Clark Kent.)

Click it here Mary Jane descend into song!

Anyway, the Spidey 3 news seems to continue piling up. We recently received word that Theresa Russell would be playing the wife to Thomas Hayden Church's Flint Marko/Sandman. More importantly, Bryce Dallas Howard, the lovely blind girl from The Village and daughter to Opie himself, Ron Howard, has been cast as none other than Gwen Stacey. In the comics, Gwen Stacey was an iconic early love interest of Spider-Man's who was killed when Green Goblin dropped her from a bridge (in a scene almost identical to the scene with MJ in Raimi's first Spider-Man film). Spidey grabbed her with his webbing, but when he pulled her up he found that she was dead. Whether it was from the shock of the fall from the sudden stop of him grabbing her was never determined and it tortured Parker for years.

No one really knows exactly what kind of role Stacey is going to play in the third film, but the early word is that she's not going to be killed...at least, not in this movie. Personally I really wish that Sony would finally just own up to the fact that Topher Grace is playing Venom and give us a cool Venom shot. It's pretty much common knowledge at this point, unless Raimi is pulling one of the greatest misinformation campaigns ever. But somehow I doubt that...


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