05 December 2005

Photomat: Sly Could Still Kick Your Ass

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Here we've gotten our first round of pictures from the set of Rocky Balboa, and I have to say that I really kind of like what I see. When Antonio Tarver was announced back at the beginning of the November, I though he seemed kind of scrawny, but now we've got a nice image of Tarver and Stallone side by side, even if it is at a bit of a skewed angle.
I take it back. Tarver most definitely towers over Stallone, although Tarver is still kind of wiry compared to Stallone, who looks like a cinder block of pure muscle. I think that poster in the background sort of sums it all up nicely: Will vs. Skill.

Anyway, there are quite a few pictures here, including one with Rocky Junior and a few of Paulie hisself. Click it through below to check out the rest:

Stallion and Stallion Jr.

Directing In Costume

Don't I Look Special?

Here are a bunch of shots, including a few of Rocky's bestest buddy.


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