01 December 2005

Liberty Relives The Past

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I always find it kind of weird that in post-apocolyptic future movies, the world is covered in artifacts of our present but no one knows what any of it means. Like in Waterworld, there's that guy who lives in the room full of everyday items that he thinks are of extreme importance. Like he thinks phonebooks are some sort of great repository of knowledge...and yet they figured out how to filter piss into Poland Springs. How does that work?

Anyway, director Ericson Core and writer Sean Bailey are getting a project off the ground with Chris Moore and Touchstone that has a similar sort of premise, except that it's way more practical. The film, Liberty, takes place in the wake of an attack on America by way of electromagnetic pulse, rendering anything with an electronic circuit completely useless and messing up the American infrastructure somethin fierce. However, before they can get around to rebuilding the internet, word comes of an invading force heading for American shores. Therefore, the American survivors are forced to defend their country using technology from the 1940s and '50s, the only stuff that survived the attack.

I REALLY like this idea, mostly because it kinda makes sense. Here we have survivors who are forced to use technology that they're completely unfamiliar with not because they don't know what a radio is, but because they're used to having a cell phone. Seriously, I'm totally stoked about this concept. Core is a very accomplished cinematographer who's currently making his directorial debut with the Mark Wahlberg football movie Invincible. Bailey doesn't have a lot of screenwriting on his resume, but he's been producing for a few years now. Hopefully these two newbies will be able to take their great idea and run with it. You can rest assured that I'm gonna be following it pretty closely from now on, and if they drop the ball, I'll be here...crying.


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