05 December 2005

Segal Gets Smart

Hey guys, it's Donnie...While Steve Carrell is off filming his ill-advised quasi-sequel to Bruce Almighty, forward progress has finally been made on my most anticipated of his future projects: Get Smart.

Warners has officially found itself a director in the form of Peter Segal, a guy who, up until now, is best known for helming Adam Sandler movies (Anger Management, The Longest Yard, and 50 First Dates) as well as the comedy classic (in my book at least) Tommy Boy. I think he could very well be a great fit for this project, although I'm kind of curious what he'll do with a movie that doesn't involve Sandler and his usual band of misfits. I could certainly think of a lot of worse choices.

Apparantly we'll be getting a contemporized version of Get Smart, with CONTROL (Smart's agency) struggling though underfunding and whatnot. Still no word on who'll be filling the sexiness of Agent 99, but the last rumor I heard was Kristen Kruek, who seems a bit young for Carrell. Then again, if Cruise can bang Katie Holmes, I guess Produce Pete can nail him some Lana Lang.


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