12 September 2005

Scorcese Walks Softly And Carries A Big DiCaprio

Hey guys, it’s Donnie…The Marty/Leo Lovefest continues! Now that they’ve finished skulking around the stripclubs near my apartment for The Departed, Scorcese and DiCaprio are looking for yet another project to do together. We’ve already heard some talk of the dynamic duo remaking Kurasawa’s Drunken Angel, but apparently that ain’t enough. Paramount just optioned the rights to The Rise Of Teddy Roosevelt by Edmund Morris and rumor has it that the gruesome twosome have this lined up in their sights, although it’s unclear if this would be in addition to or instead of Drunken Angel.

I’m gonna join with the popular opinion on this one and say that on the surface DiCaprio seems like more than somewhat of a stretch to play the rather rotund Ruff Riding President, but then again I trust Scorcese almost implicitly at this point, so if he thinks Leo’s got the goods, let’s hope he’s got the goods. He certainly pulled off Howard Hughes more convincingly then I thought he would. Then again I can’t think of Howard Hughes without thinking of The Rocketeer, so….


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