12 September 2005

John Hinkley Is Totally Psyched

Hey guys, it’s Donnie…I love Taxi Driver as much as the next guy, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get myself too excited about this news. Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster will be teaming up for the first time since Scorcese’s assassination-attempt-inducing masterpiece. This time the flick is called Sugarland and it’s about sugar cane workers in Florida. Foster will play a civil rights attourney while Big Bobby D will be the evil plantation owner. I do hope he’s mustachioed.

Maybe it’s just that I hear the description and I feel like I could probably tell you the entire movie without seeing a frame of footage. Of course I could be wrong, and maybe this will be some magnificent, award winning opus from a director to be named later. But somehow I doubt it. Besides, I feel like there will be a marked lack of underage prostitutes and oversized hang cannons this time around.

So sad.


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