16 August 2005

Trailertown: Chock Full Of Gunplay

Hey guys it's Donnie...I've got two more trailers for ya, both look pretty fun and both involve firearms in the title. There's also a bonus, so read all the way down...

First we've got a new trailer for what we all hope and pray will be Guy Ritchie's redemption film, Revolver. We get a little more story this time around, along with a little more Andre Benjamin, who looks to be pretty serious about making the transition into acting. Working with John Singleton and Guy Ritchie is probably a good way to start. This trailer is still a little bit style over substance, but then again so is Guy Ritchie, so I guess it's okay. Jason Statham is looking particularly grungy this time around though, and I still maintain that any movie that involves both chess and guns is good in my book.

Click it here to squeeze like a tube of toothpaste.

Next we've got the trailer for the decently anticipated directorial debut of Shane Black, the guy who wrote Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout and Last Action Hero. The flick is called Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, and it stars Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer, which just may be one of the most brilliant pairings of all time. Downey plays a theif who is mistaken for an actor and gets a part in a film as a cop. He therefore has to ride along with Officer Val Kilmer to learn how to be a good boy in blue. At the same time, he attempts to win back his high school sweetheart, the luscious Michelle Monaghan, by telling her he's a private dick. Suffice it to say that hijinks and mayhem ensue. I'm interested to see if Black can pull off directorial duties, but I'm far more excited to just watch Kilmer and Downey Jr. play off each other for two hours. It'll hit theaters September 16th.

Click it here to find out what happens if you look up idiot in the dictionary

Also, I wanted to alert you to the latest Superman Returns production diary at Bluetights.net. It's not technically a trailer, nor is it even a promo reel, like the one that was shown at ComicCon for example, but it's cool nonetheless. It's called In Graphic Detail and it's about the graphic artists and all the supercool work they do, from logo design on Perry White's coffee mug to street signs, to police insignias to The Comic Book. I understand that the film's gonna start out much like Donner's film, with a child flipping through a Superman comic, so here we get a glimpse at some frames detailing events from Donner's movie in comic form. Comic Brando looks great. That last image, that's fantastic. I wish we could see more on-set stuff in these diaries, (ala the KongIsKing diaries) but we are getting glimpses of footage, all of which looks gorgeous. The Genesis cameras seem to be worth every penny.

Click it here to learn about Metropolis street naming conventions...


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