30 June 2005

Flash In Goyer's Pan

Hey guys, it's Donnie...my feelings are very up and down on David Goyer. I really enjoyed his screenplay for Batman Begins and give him huge credit for what he's doine to rebuild the franchise. At the same time, Blade Trinity is a huge pile of rotting garbage on so many levels that it hurts me to even think about it. And I really wanted to enjoy that movie too. For me, it was Goyer's to fuck up, and fuck it up he did.

He's directing a movie called The Invisible starting in September about a recently killed guy stuck in limbo and trying to find his body or something, (it's all very vague) but it's well established at this point that the next big project that he'll be writing and directing is The Flash. I've always thought that the Flash was a really fun superhero. In the Justice League cartoon he's hysterical. And Goyer has said on multiple occaisions that he really wants Ryan Reynolds to play the Flash, which is basically perfect casting. He was the only thing about Blade Trinity that was enjoyable (or even tolerable for that matter). He could handle the action sequences more than adequately, and he's also mindbogglingly funny. I think he would bring exactly the right charm and charisma to the character.

Goyer recently spoke to The New York Daily News and said that he's still working on the screenplay, but that it would include both Barry Allen and Wally West, two of the three different alter egos of the Flash over the years. Goyer then goes onto to say that the story will go into some of the more "cosmic aspects of the character from the more recent past." He's also working with someone from MIT on relativity and doppler effects and whatnot to really nail down the science aspect, which I find to be a really smart approach.

It sounds like Goyer's really working hard on this puppy, and I'm really hoping he'll nail it. Maybe he can work out his bad director demons on this Invisible project so that The Flash will atone for his past sins. Still no word on whether he'll have a hand in the next Batman, but I'm hoping he will, if only because he's been the only writer to turn out a script where the Bruce Wayne scenes didn't bore the hell out of me...


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