01 July 2005

No Rest For Spielberg

Hey guys, it's Donnie...War of The Worlds is officially out and about and I'm looking forward to taking it in this weekend. And while reviewers seem to be enjoying Steven's latest opus, and Tom Cruise continues to go batshit crazy, Spielberg is already in Malta, beginning principal photography on his next project which may be called Vengeance or may be called Munich, but either way it's gonna be coming out before Christmas, which is basically insane. Start to release Spielberg will have directed to major films in about 14 months, which is practically unfathomable. The man is gonna go into hibernation for 6 months solid.

Anyway, The New York Times published a great article about Spielberg's next project about Mossad hitmen who were ordered to assassinate the Palestinian terrorists who killed Isreali athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Much has been written about this particular dark moment in Isreali history and Spielberg is certainly taking a gamble with this picture. He's brought Tony Kushner on to punch up the screenplay and make it "more human", which is probably a good idea. Either way, I absolutely cannot wait to see this thing finished. The powers that be are obviously looking at this to be a serious Oscar contender. We'll see...

Check out the NYT article right here...


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