02 June 2005

Singer Makes Me Smile

Hey guys, it's Donnie...and man does this kick all kinds of ass.

Maybe when X3 lost Bryan Singer, they acquired whatever disease had been plagueing Superman's preproduction for the last decade. While the X3 production starts to implode, we get another fanTAStic video journal from Bryan via the folks at Blue Tights. I tell you, these things just keep getting better and better, and I REALLY hope that they all get edited together as a featurette on the eventual DVD. I'm serious, not one of these journals has disappointed me yet, and everything I've seen just makes me more and more excited for this picture. One of the enduring images for me from the Donner film is that shot of young Clark standing alone in the field on the Kent farm, nothing but blue sky and yellow fields as far as the eye can see. For some reason, that picture has always stuck in my head, and whenever I think of widescreen, that's the image I think of.

Singer and company seem to have really recaptured that same sort of feeling with this shot, and I'll be damned if that isn't just about the most gorgeous goddamn sunset I've ever seen. Guy Dyas is totally on my list of people to watch. Plus I have great respect for filmmakers who utilize practical effects whenever possible, because often times I think they look alot better than a digital recreation. I want a baseball gun, I'll shoot tennis balls off my roof onto Storrow Drive. Hehehe, yeah that would be awesome.

Anyway, check this shit out and then tell me if you don't have a big dopey grin on your face when it's over.


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