27 May 2005

Welcome Aboard...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...and I'm identifying myself at the beginning of this article because I'd like to officially welcome Billy Dagwood onboard as a contributing writer to The Booth. I've known Billy for many years now and while we often (not not always) have similar cinematic opinions, our repetoire of tastes tends to differ a bit. That is to say, he tends to see alot of stuff that I would not, often alot of really cracked out but still fantastic-in-their-own-way offerings, stuff like PIN: A Plastic Nightmare and Blood Gnome.

Anyway, Billy Dagwood will be putting up his two cents from time to time, offering some reviews and opinions and whatnot. I value his input and I'm sure you'll all come to enjoy his viewpoints and his particular brand of humor.

That being said, you better be funny Billy.

Let the mayhem begin...


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