27 May 2005

Bust Guy Out Of Movie Jail

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Guy Ritchie seems to have been let out of "Director Time Out", having taken his licks for the monstrously awful Swept Away and seemingly returning full force with his new film Revolver, which is sure to be "gritty" and full of dialogue you can't understand and some sped-up and slowed-down footage set to spiffy retro music.

The plot is pretty damn vague and the trailer doesn't do much to clarify the situation, but it is pretty to look at, (As is the chick with the lollipop. Yowza!) and it has Ray Liotta. I'm almost as excited about the second coming of Ray Liotta as I am about the second coming of Mickey Rourke. But then again, who doesn't love The Mick? HEATHENS, that's who!

I'll admit that I'm actually a pretty big Ritchie fan. Snatch is good, but Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a goddamn masterpiece. That's one of my favorites and it's sure to be one of the first discs that I replace in the wake of my massive DVD theft. That being said, as much as I like Snatch, I kind of feel that it's too much of the same from Lock Stock. I have no problems with a director staying within his style. I love Wes Anderson movies, and even though they all have a very similar tone (and usually the same actors) the movies themselves, the subject matter, what's actually being said is very different. Kevin Smith is another good example, although I rather enjoyed when he strayed from his very well worn path with Jersey Girl. I'd certainly rather see him try and "fail" like that then dip back to the Clerks well again.

Anyway, while Revolver looks like a return to form for Guy Ritchie, more importantly I'm hoping that it distinguishes itself as a separate movie from his previous work and doesn't just become Lock Stock part three. The game of chess seems to play a prominent role this time around, and that's unassailably cool. Imagine if it this was like Searching For Bobby Fischer, but with gangsters...

Check out the trailer here, and add your 27 cents below.


Blogger Fallen Saint said...

Ok, I'm beginning to feel like I'm posting too much, but, whatever. Ok, first, yay foreign trailers and their nudity. Second, I'm not sure how I feel about Statham and his, apparently, long hair in this movie. But I agree with you, this does look like it is along the lines of Snatch and Lock, Stock. It is intruiging, Call me at game time and I'll be there. Speaking of Snatch and Lock, Stock, I will be excited to read what you have to say about Layer Cake when we see it.

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