26 May 2005

The Films Of 2005

The following will be a chronicling of all the movies I've seen in 2005. I'm not counting the countless DVDs I'll consume (because why would you count something countless?) but instead restrict myself to the new releases of 2005 that I actually travel to a theater to watch. I'll also include a rating of 1-5 stars.

Let the mayhem begin...

The Films of 2005

The 40 Year Old Virgin ****
Aeon Flux ***1/2
A History Of Violence ****
Aliens of the Deep IMAX ***
Batman Begins ****1/2
Brokeback Mountain ****
Capote ****
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory ***1/2
Chicken Little ** (plus * for being in 3D)
Constantine ****
Crash ****1/2
Elizabethtown ****1/2
Fantastic Four **1/2
Fever Pitch ***1/2
Godzilla: Final Wars ****
Good Night And Good Luck ****1/2
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire ****
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy *** 1/2
Howl's Moving Castle ***
Hustle & Flow ****
In Good Company *** 1/2
The Island ***
Jarhead *****
King Kong *****
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ****1/2
Kung Fu Hustle ****
Land Of The Dead ****
Layer Cake ****
Lords of Dogtown ****
Match Point ****
Memoirs of a Geisha ***1/2
Mr. and Mrs. Smith ***
Munich ****
Proof ***
The Ringer ***
Sahara ** 1/2
Serenity ****
Shopgirl ****
Sin City *****
Sky High ****
Star Wars Episode III ****
Thumbsucker ****1/2
Undead ***1/2
Unleashed ***1/2
Walk The Line ***1/2
Wallace And Gromit ****
War of the Worlds ****
Zathura ****


Blogger Fallen Saint said...

I see you have seen some quality flicks, however, I'm a little disappointed in your ranking of Sahara! ok, I'm just kidding, I ahven't seen it and won't until it's on Spike TV. However I would like to say I found In Good Company to be a fantastic movie. More than three stars, I don't know. But certainly a movie worth seeing in my opinion.
I really enjoyed the dynamic between the young and old, Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid have a very interesting and entertaining rhetoric that truly defines the movie as an out of the ordinary buddy flick.
I found the love story between Topher and Scarlett Johansson to be somewhat secondary to the interactions of the two male leads.

But I enjoyed it immensely and would, personally, rate it higher. perhaps only a half a star or so. But still.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the performances by Quaid and Grace quite a bit (despite Tohper's claim in Ocean's 12 that he "totally phoned in that Dennis Quaid movie") however, I sort of felt at the end that the performances rose above the material, and I mean FAR above the material. If I recall (since I saw this movie in January) there wasn't really enough of a build or a give and take throughout the course of the film. Neither character really had any sort of concrete goal as written and both were just sort of pawns to the greater powers that be, which is obviously somewhat the point of the story but it's still not very interesting since you don't know what the powers that be are doing. You just sort of get these commands (aka plot twists) from on high. Plus I take issue with any film that manages to cast Scarlett Johansson and then totally squanders her talent in a completely two-dimensional role.

12:20 PM  

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