31 May 2005

Food For Thoughts...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...so I didn't really get the chance to post on the plethora of items I wanna talk about, including a rant on Watchmen as requested by Fallen Saint, but I did stumble upon this today and wanted to share it with my burgeoning readership.

This guy goes by the name Moriarty and he's been writing for Ain't It Cool News for quite a while now. He's kinda like the number two guy there, and his now legendary, blow-by-blow, tearing apart of the JJ Abrams Superman script (It's reposted HERE. Check it out, and take comfort in the knowledge that this project never happened) is the reason i started reading movie sites in the first place, and well...I wouldn't be here now if not for him.

So last week was his 35th birthday and he wrote his annual birthday column of upcoming projects that he's excited about, and since I agree with almost his entire list (I haven't read any of the books he talks about) and I can't argue with the passion behind it, I wanted to pass it along to all of you.

What do you guys think? Crackpot or filmnut? Or both?


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