29 June 2005

Domnio Falls

Hey guys, it's Donnie...god what a slow news day. I spent the whole day checking and rechecking all my usual sources for something, ANYTHING of remote interest, and this just popped up about a few hours ago and I gotta tell you it makes me sad. Domino Harvey, the Ford's model turned bounty hunter and real life inspiration for one of my most anticipated films of the year, DOMINO, passed away yesterday. Ala Mitch Hedberg, she died of an apparant heart attack, possibly drug induced. However, she went in her bathrub in LA as opposed to a hotel room in Jersey.

It always makes me sad when someone goes through all the trouble to make a movie about a real person who's still alive and then that person shuffles off before the movie gets released, much like Herb Brooks died before the release of Miracle, which was actually a decent flick. I know if someone sunk serious money into a film about my life I'd sure as hell wanna see how it turned out. We'll see what impact Domino's passing has on the release of the film. Domino is directed by Tony Scott and written by Donnie Darko scribe Richard Kelly and stars Keira Knightly as the titular bad ass. It's also another step in the redemption/second coming of Mickey Rourke. Domino is scheduled for release this fall.


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