30 January 2006

More Doom and Probably Gloom

Hey guys, it's Donnie...You know, Fantastic Four was a really painful film for me. I SO wanted greatness out of that movie because that's what the property deserves. One might think that I took some kind of evil glee in writing article after article tearing the film to pieces all throughout it's production and promotion, but it really did hurt me to have to sit here for a few months and slowly realize that what should have been one of the best movies of the summer would instead become the pinnacle of comic book movie mediocrity.

And so you can imagine my dismay when I learned that director Tim Story and writer Mark Frost were returning to beat up on the franchise some more. And today we get word from the boys at Latino Review that Dr. Doom will be returning and, according to Story, "He will be back in full DOOM, not like we had him in the first film." I'm not really sure exactly what that means. Maybe that means that he'll be an actual villain with a plot to carry out evil deeds, instead of just being kind of a dick with tin foil mask and non-descript superpowers. Maybe it means he'll carry around a BFG. I don't know.

Anyway, my desire to see a great Fantastic Four movie is going to force me to keep following this project. I might as well just put my nuts in a clamp right now and turn the crank once every day. It would probably be a lot less painful...


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