11 December 2005

Ratings Board Shits All Over Clever Title

Hey guys, it's Donnie... Documentarian Kirby Dick’s next project is titled This Film Is Not Yet Rated. It’s an investigative piece concerning the MPAA’s mysterious “ratings board”, a.k.a. the guys who watch movies from the perspective of “the average American parent” and then decide what the movie should be rated. The film looks into how certain movies are rated, like how violence is generally okay, but sexuality is frowned upon, and whether or not hetero- and homosexuality is judged on the same basis. (My guess is probably not.) Not only that, but Dick decides to try and discover just who is actually on this secretive ratings board.

Well, the ratings board screened the film last week and, unsurprisingly, gave the film a rating of NC-17 (for sexual content), thus ensuring that the film will never see the inside of most theaters. Fortunately IFC, who produced the film, is holding tough, and will premier the film at Sundance next year and then air it on IFC in the fall. Kudos to Kirby Dick and kudos to IFC. I’m looking forward to checking this flick out.


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