06 December 2005

Leo Wants To Save The World For Real

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I don't really understand why celebrities get so much shit for trying to get involved in world issues. Most movie stars and pop singers tend to have tremendous (if not undue) influence over the public consciousness, particularly when it comes to the youth of America. So why is it such a terribly awful thing when celebrities try to raise awareness of a particular issue or conflict in this country, or indeed, the world. Granted their actual personal opinions are not always the most intellectual, (see Brittany Spears in Fahrenheit 9/11) but shouldn't it be up to us to be able to discern an intelligent argument from a nonsensical one? Maybe that's just too much to ask from the American public.

Well, Leo DiCaprio is getting into the game. Seems Leo will be producing, narrating and co-writing 11th Hour, an environmental documentary that will seek to lay out possible solutions for resuscitating the world's various ecosystems. A number of different parties have stepped on board to help produce and finance the film, including former World Poker Champ Doyle Brunson, who probably just won Cleveland in a card game.

Hey, I just thought of something. Angelina Jolie is a full fledged UN Ambassador. Does that mean she has diplomatic immunity here? How badass would that be?


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