07 November 2005

Trailertown: Giant Ape Assassins

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome back to Trailertown!

Both of these trailers....holy God, I just...words begin to escape me.

King Kong: I thought that the first "teaser" trailer was remarkably well filled out for a teaser and I was somewhat afraid that the theatrical trailer would give away too much of the flick. Yeah, forget about that. Whereas the teaser was all about the set-up of the human characters, this...well, this is like Kong porn. Seriously, people bitched when they heard the film would be three hours, but I would GLADLY sit through three hours of this. Effect work always looks kind of lousy when it's three inches tall on your computer screen as opposed to projected in a theater, but even Quicktime Kong...the detail work is absolutely breathtaking, particularly in that first little sequence on the empty street. I don't think it's humanly possible to watch this trailer and NOT get excited for this movie.

Click it here to bitch slap some bi-planes...

Munich: It's a good thing I'm a procrastinator, because the trailer for Spielberg's latest went online over the weekend and I have to tell you that I really like what I see here. This isn't just another moody drama, this comes off action-thriller-esque but with a strong focus on the characters' moral struggles (or lack thereof). The hair and the costumes really evoke the time period in a very specific type of way, and I like that the color seems to be drained from most every shot. Seeing this footage only reaffirms my belief that this could be the movie that sees Eric Bana live up to his full potential. The most important thing will be finding the proper balance between the action/revenge storyline and the moral pondering amidst the carnage. If not handled right, the film could suffer from some tragic pacing problems, i.e. the movie repeatedly grinds to a halt while Bana struggles over whether or not to pull the trigger. I have faith in Spielberg and this trailer should remind us why the man is such a legendary filmmaker.

Click it here to struggle with the moral quandries of a table lamp...


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