30 January 2006

The Return Of The Booth

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Well, look's who's back in town?

Or, more accurately, looks who's in a new town?

Yes, that's right, the Movie Booth has relocated to warmer climates, currently working out of Culver City, CA and loving every minute of it. What can I say? I guess I wanted to be closer to the action.

I know we've been gone for a while, but between the holidays and packing everything up for the move, it's been pretty hectic of late. But we're settled in, we have a lot of free time and no transportation, so you should be able to expect all sorts of juicy content in the coming weeks. I've updated all the sidebar content for the new calendar year, eliminated my Top Ten of 2004 list (cuz it's now two years old) and begun the chronic-what-cling of this year's cinematic adventures. I'll have a summary of 2005, all the films I've seen and my Final Top Ten as soon as I see two last films that eluded me at the end of the year.

Let the mayhem begin...


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